Q&A for Certificate of Residence (COR)

Q&A for Certificate of Residence (COR)

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Question from client:
With which countries does Romania have DTA (Double Tax Agreement) to avoid double taxation?

Answer from Evershine RD:

Albania Georgia Luxembourg Sri Lanka
Algeria Ghana Macedonia Sweden
Argentina Greece Malaysia Switzerland
Armenia Hungary Malta Syria
Australia Iceland Mauritius Taiwan
Austria India Moldova Tajikistan
Azerbaijan Indonesia Mongolia Thailand
Bangladesh Iran Montenegro Trinidad and Tobago
Belarus Ireland Morocco Tunisia
Belgium Israel Namibia Turkey
Bolivia Italy Netherlands Turkmenistan
Bosnia-Herzegovina Ivory Coast New Zealand Ukraine
Bulgaria Jamaica Norway United Arab Emirates
Canada Japan Pakistan United Kingdom
China Jersey Philippines United States
Costa Rica Kazakhstan Poland Uruguay
Croatia Kenya Portugal Uzbekistan
Cyprus Korea Romania Venezuela
Czech Republic Kosovo Russia Vietnam
Denmark Kuwait Serbia Zambia
Ecuador Kyrgyzstan Singapore Zimbabwe
Egypt Latvia Slovakia
Estonia Liberia Slovenia
Finland Liechtenstein South Africa
France Lithuania Spain

Question from client:
Under what circumstances do I need to apply for a Certificate of Romania tax residence?

Answer from Evershine RD:
A certificate of residence may be required for submission to a foreign tax authority if you, as a taxpayer, generate foreign income from a country with which there is an agreement to avoid double taxation (DTA).

The foreign state often requires a certificate of residence within the meaning of a double taxation agreement if you apply for exemption or reimbursement of withholding taxes levied there on interest, dividends, or license fees abroad.


Question from client:
What is the procedure for applying for a Romania tax residency certificate? What form should I fill out? What are the required documents? Government website?

Answer from Evershine RD:

  1. Fill up the Forms for the Application for a certificate of residence. The form can be downloaded from the below link of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).
    Freely formulated certificates of residence are not accepted by the Romanian tax authorities.
  1. If the foreign authorities require an authentication (apostille) of the certificate of residence issued by the tax office, the Central Residents Office in Hamburg is responsible for the certificates issued by the Hamburg authorities. https://www.hamburg.de/behoerdenfinder/hamburg/11283103/
  2. The application can be sent by post to the local tax office.
  3. The officials confirm with their signature and official seal that you are a taxpayer based in the Federal Republic of Romania and send the certificate back to the taxpayer.


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